How popular is Pai Gow Poker now?

Pai Gow Poker is a well-known casino game which combines Chinese and Western elements. Its origins lead to the first documented forms of dominoes. This article discusses the deal, gameplay, and winning techniques of this game.

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A Bit More About the Game

Pai Gow Poker combines with American Pokies, utilising a 52-card deck and a Joker. It involves making two Poker hands using standard rankings. A top five-card hand may be five Aces with the Joker, while two Aces could win. It provides a fun combination of the West-Chinese methods for profits with top pokies online

Each participant receives a seven-card hand and divides it into five and two cards. The dealer rolls three dice to choose the first player. Players may establish hands “House Way”. Following setup, hands are compared to the banker’s according to regulations. Wins are even; copies are banker wins. 

Perks of Playing Pai Gow Poker in Online Casinos

PGP at online casinos has several benefits that improve the game. Here are some of them:

  • Online casinos let you play at home or anywhere else on your phone.
  • Welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, and loyalty prizes enhance bankrolls and lengthen gaming. 
  • Reputable sites secure personal and financial data with superior security.
  • It offers betting possibilities for beginners and high rollers.
  • Many sites provide gaming lessons and guidelines for novices to understand the rules and techniques before playing for real money.
  • It is available 24/7 at internet casinos, regardless of location or time zone.

Strategies for Winning in PGP

There’s no shortcut to winning but making intelligent selections may improve your prospects.

  1. 1

    Each variant has its own rules. Success requires understanding how these guidelines are applied.

  2. 2

    Before betting real money, players have an opportunity to explore the game’s mechanics and features with free demos.

  3. 3

    The game supports different variants of the playstyle. As follows, it is a key point to compare different ones.

  4. 4

    It’s vital to learn standard hand rankings to read and make intelligent judgements.

  5. 5

    Knowing all bets to maximise the profit.

  6. 6

    There is time needs to be spent choosing a trustworthy online casino guide with featured gaming services. For a reliable gaming experience, licencing, reputation, and user reviews should be considered.

Safety and Security Considerations Regarding Online Poker

Players must be secure while playing online PGP. One should evaluate gambling sites using strict standards to safeguard themselves. First, only select the licenced platforms on the web. These licences guarantee the casino works legally and fairly and protects players. Apart from licencing and regulation, thoroughly evaluate the casino’s software, including RNG integrity. That ensures fairness in all games. Choose casinos that protect players’ personal and financial data with strong encryption. 

Encryption protects sensitive data from unauthorised access. The deposits and withdrawals should be safe and secure. Also, based on player reviews, one should analyse each platform’s reputation and track record. That ensures gamers can trust the site to deliver secure and trustworthy gameplay. By carefully examining these safety and security factors, it becomes possible to choose the most reliable online PGP sites. 

Online PGP Vs. Traditional Pai Gow Comparison

Here is a critical comparison of online and traditional versions of the game:

OriginInvented and primarily played in US casinos.Invented and mainly played in Asian casinos.
Playing PiecesIt uses a deck of playing cards with one joker.Uses 32 tiles or Chinese dominoes.
Number of Cards/TilesPlayers receive seven cards.Players receive four tiles.
Determining WinnerCombining the best tile pairings determines the winner.The winner is determined by combining the best possible pairs of tiles.
ComplexityIf you know hand rankings, it’s simple to learn.It is a complicated game that is difficult to learn.
StrategiesPlayers employ statistical probability to make more profitable hands.Players often use superstition to determine the tile setup.

Popular Pai Gow Poker Variations in Australia 

Below are the top variants of the game played in Australia:


This variant comes with a house advantage of 1.30%. Some casinos provide it with even-money payouts. 


This version makes more hands push than win to compensate for the commission loss.


A player who gets four of a type or greater wins the progressive total or Fortune value.


There is no commission and no banking for this variation.


This version lets you gamble on a non-winning hand. A hand with an ace as the top card and no pairings, flushes, or straights may pay more.


In conclusion, understanding Pai Gow Poker’s hand arrangement improves gaming and profits. The best casino rankings improve client security and gaming experience. Playing the game on a safe and secure casino site leads to gaining more of reliable and satisfying experience.


How to play Pai Gow Poker?

A 52-card deck with one Joker is used in Pai Gow Poker. The goal is to beat the dealer. Each player gets seven cards after betting. The dealer has face-up cards, while you have seven down. You should then make the finest two hands—two and five.

What is the payout ratio for PGP?

Online casino games like PGP have a 2.5% house edge. The Fortune Bonus is 2:1. The goal is to win the major bet to break even. A seven-card straight flush or a big prize may get 8000 times player’s wager.

What does setting a hand mean?

Texas Hold’em hand rankings determine PGP hands. It is required to choose a two-card Low Hand and a five-card High Hand. Only winning both spots wins the bet.