Advantages of Playing Craps in 2024

Experience craps’ maximum pleasures at Australia’s top gambling platforms for 2024. Generations of players have loved it, the dice game of chance. Explore this popular game’s rich history and excitement, from Las Vegas-style layouts to private games. Experience the games in all their variety, with experiences tailored to each player.

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For me, gambling began as a pastime but swiftly developed into a passion that has taken me to some great places. To help select the best online casinos, our team presents expert and analytical reviews of the best sites in the business.

What is Craps?

Craps, a game of chance and adrenaline, is a thrilling best online pokies action-packed game. It originated in 19th-century England as a hazard and is now a popular casino game. Bets on two dice throws are the game’s core. The table’s intriguing arrangement, with Pass Line and proposition bets, gives players limitless opportunities to participate.

Each roll builds anticipation as participants hope the shooter gets a natural (7 or 11) or avoid it (2, 3, or 12). This game of strategy and chance is a fan favourite in casinos due to the thrilling action and the possibility of huge prizes. 

Perks of Playing Craps in Online Casinos

Web platforms have additional benefits over brick-and-mortar ones. Some important advantages are below:

  • Even with small deposits, they have lower minimum bets than physical ones, extending playtime.
  • The game lets newcomers master the game’s fundamentals and betting alternatives at their leisure.
  • Playing anytime without going to a casino is handy and accessible.
  • Promotions may increase players’ expected value and game sessions.

Strategies for Winning Craps

Effective methods at best-rated casinos may boost your chances of winning. Follow these ideas and suggestions to improve your gaming and revenues.

  1. 1

    Online craps have the greatest odds and a 1.41% house advantage with Pass Line and Come bets.

  2. 2

    Avoid proposition bets like Any 7, Hardway 4 and 10, Horn bet, Big 8 and Big 6, which have a 16% house advantage.

  3. 3

    Use casino bonuses and promos to win more and play longer.

  4. 4

    Play with free bonus money to increase earnings without jeopardising your own money.

  5. 5

    Combining Pass Line and Come bets increases your chances of winning.

  6. 6

    Off-peak hours provide lesser payments, minimising losses and maximising wins.

  7. 7

    Practice free games to learn the principles and improve your abilities before playing for real money.

  8. 8

    Play within a budget to prevent overpaying.

Online Craps Safety Considerations

Web casino player safety is crucial in Australia, where online gambling has grown in popularity. The Interactive Gaming Act 2001 strictly regulates internet gaming. While this law forbids internet casinos from serving local players, Aussies may lawfully visit offshore sites. Finding reliable platforms that do not specifically target players requires a thorough study of their policies.

Rigid operational and fair play requirements are imposed on the casinos they licence and supervise. For safe gaming, gamblers should choose platforms with reliable licences. Reputable casinos also show certificates from independent auditing groups like eCOGRA, which confirms the fairness of casino game Random Number Generators (RNGs), boosting player confidence and safety.

Web security relies on SSL encryption to protect personal and financial data. Players may trust gaming results at RNG-audited sites. Responsible gambling methods include deposit restrictions and self-exclusion, which help gamers control their gaming. Gamblers may avoid fraud and enjoy safe and fun online gaming by seeing red signs and picking reliable options with many payment choices.

Online Vs. Traditional Craps Comparison

Both online and traditional versions have pros and cons. Here’s a comparison to help you choose: 

Number of gamesUp-to-date new online slots offer a wide variety of games with no space constraints.Traditional casinos need more space, resulting in fewer available games.
Ease of AccessAccessibiility with a portable device everywhere.Accessibility depends on the availability of nearby land-based platforms.
Withdrawals/DepositsQuick deposits, slow withdrawals.Immediate transactions.
Provider SelectionThere are several platforms to choose from.Fewer offline casinos are mainly located in major cities.
GameplayLimited gaming experience compared to professional casinos.Provides a cinematic gaming experience with real dice and an immersive environment.
Element of SocialityLacks social interaction.Offers social interaction with other players and live dealers.
BonusesOffers various promotional benefits.Limited bonus options.
ConvenienceAccessible 24/7, convenient for players.Requires a visit to an offline casino; may need to schedule time.

Popular Craps Variations in Australia 

The casino staple has several thrilling variations, each with its problems. These popular variants add complexity and excitement to the game:


This variant simplifies the game with assured pass bet winnings on come-out rolls but a bigger house edge.

High Point

High Point version adds strategy to each throw by ignoring certain rolls.

Die Rich

Beginner-friendly Die Rich variant employs one die to win quickly by rolling a six on the come-out roll.


Smooth gaming with a single dice throw, favouring the house.

New York

New York one has a greater house edge because of its unique structure and restricted bets.

Roll to Win

Roll to Win by Aruze Gaming removes dealers for an affordable, engaging gaming experience.


Craps is a thrilling mix of chance and technique that transcends casino types. Australian gamers should visit the best-rated casinos on the web for a wide selection of games and big bonuses. Moreover, personal tastes determine whether Internet or traditional ones are better for convenience or immersion. For gambling enthusiasts, CasinoAustralia is the finest option to start playing now.


What is the shooter?

Players take turns rolling two dice, with the “shooter” tossing them.

Can You Play Free Craps?

Yes. Players may practice before they can play for real money on several platforms.

What Are Place Bets?

Players place wagers on which number will be rolled before the 7. The player may roll 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10.